September 2022 – Meeting Minutes

Woodstock Riding Club
September 19, 2022

Present: Ralph VanKleeck, Susan Leiching, John and Marie Webster, Jane and Kenny Booth,
Brenda Locke

Meeting was called to order by Ralph at 7:14 pm.

August minutes reviewed by Susan Leiching.

Treasurer’s Report:
Treasurer report reviewed. Appears to be $1874.16 in the account. School taxes were paid.

Old Business:
1. Tree Situation – A report was filed with the WPD about the tree destruction on a new
area of the club. The DEC came and inspected the tree carnage. They feel an ADA
judge will not honor the charges because the property lines are not clearly marked. All
complaints have to go to the DEC per WPD because they do not know the value of
trees. We need to post property signs. It was agreed we should contact the owner
about the tree cutting.
2. Equufest will be on September 24th 10am – 5pm at the UC fairgrounds. We will have
our banner, programs and pictures of the quilt to sell raffle tickets.

New Business:
1. The October show is on the 9th. Judge is Terrence Huebner. Trail judge is Gail Short.
Friday is the set up day at 5:30pm.
2. For the October show:
Jenny – announcer
Ella – points
Registration – Susan, Marie and Jamie Churchill
Marie – obstacle and ground driving
Ralph will bring eggs and water. Spoons and glasses are at the club house.
3. Year end is upon us. Brenda will get the ribbons. Jenny will get trophies and have the
annual ones engraved. The club is proposing an afternoon or evening event with
appetizers and cake. Ralph will check about the firehouse hall.

The next meeting will be October 17, 2022 and probably on Zoom.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:53 pm

Respectfully submitted,
Susan Leiching