June 2017 – Meeting Minutes

Woodstock Riding Club
June 19, 2017

Present: Susan Leiching, Jane Booth, Brenda Locke, Ralph VanKleeck, Cody Bisignano, Nancy Locke

Junior Member: Annie VanKleeck

Guest: Kenny Booth, Marty Korn

Meeting was called to order by the Secretary Susan Leiching at 7:20 pm.
Mr. Korn introduced himself as a “veteran non-rider” currently doing research about horses and shows. He does photography and a column (?). He saw we were having a meeting on facebook and came to meet us.

Minutes of the April meeting were reviewed by Susan Leiching. Motion made to accept by Pat and seconded by Laura.

Treasurer’s Report:
The treasurer’s report was reviewed verbally by Jane and available upon request. At this time until all the monies are accounted for among membership, tee-shirts and show fees, we cannot determine how successful the show was. A motion was made to accept the treasurer’s report by Ralph and seconded by Susan and so carried.

Old Business:
1. The June show appeared to be successful by the turnout on a cloudy day. Thanks to all who assisted in the booth during registration and helped with the day-end points.
2. The separate registration area was a success, less congestion in the registration lines.
3. The Lo-Boy has been repaired by Ralph…thank you
4. The driveway is in need of stone repair. Since this meeting, Billy Mayhon has delivered stone and spread it out on the driveway.

New Business:
1. Pat Elliott has generously donated a mower to the riding club. Ralph picked it up and did an estimate for general servicing and new tires. A motion was made by Brenda to approve up to $300 for servicing of the mower and new tires. The motion was seconded by Nancy and so carried.
2. The next show is July 9th. Cody, Brinn and Laura will set the jump course on Thursday, July 6th at 6:30pm. Anyone who wants to help with the set-up is invited.
3. There will be a general set-up on Saturday to move items to the booth, weed wacking and other necessary work. You may come any time during the day.
4. Always need help in the registration booth and runners needed for the ring and gates.
5. Heather Eighmey will be doing the day-end points…thank you

Meeting was adjourned at 7:55pm.
The next meeting will be held at the club grounds.

Respectfully submitted,
Susan Leiching

Check out the new and updated Woodstock Riding Club website – http://woodstockridingclub.com Current information is being posted.

The next meeting is at the Woodstock Riding Club grounds on July 17th at 7:00 PM.