April 2021 – Meeting Minutes

Woodstock Riding Club
April 19, 2021

Present: Jane Booth, Marie Webster, Ralph VanKleeck, Susan Leiching, Jenny Lang, Roberta
Jackson, Nancy Locke, Paula Lynch, Dave Edwards

Meeting was called to order by Ralph at 7:15 pm.

Minutes of the last meeting were verbally reviewed by Susan. Roberta made a motion to accept
the minutes and seconded by Jenny.

Treasurer’s Report:
The treasurer’s report was reviewed verbally. Bills have been paid up-to-date. Monies are still
coming in from ads and memberships. Balance is $2,566.05. Marie made a motion to accept
the report and seconded by Nancy.

Old Business:
1. Jenny has confirmed the judges for the 2021 season.
June – Beth Wing July – Nicole Denning-Riker
September – Nicole Sousa October – Terrence Huber
2. Western Dressage clinic – there were questions about a registration form and how
participants are to be scheduled. Roberta will check for the Dressage registration forms
or develop one for the clinic to be forwarded to Jenny and me. It is still a question who
will do the registration.
3. Jane will notify HVWM to remove the dumpster.
4. Clean up day is scheduled for May 1st. Workers will begin at 9:00 am. Supplies will be
needed to repair the fence and painting. Mowing and weed whacking will begin.

New Business:
1. The yard sale is scheduled for May 22nd. If members have stuff to drop off, they can
contact Marie. Remember is we do not sell your donations, you must take it back after
the sale. There will be an ad placed in the Freeman for the sale and an entry in the
Ulster County Live Trends.
2. Programs are ready for distribution. There are a few errors in the program. Next year
program should go to several board members for review prior to print.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:17 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Susan Leiching