November 2019 – Meeting Minutes

Woodstock Riding Club
November 18, 2019

Present: Jane Booth, Marie Webster, Ralph VanKleeck, Annie VanKleeck, Brenda Locke,
Nancy Locke, Beth Smith, Roxanne Churchill, Jenny Lang
Guest: Ken Booth
Meeting was called to order by Jenny Lang at 7:00 pm.

Minutes: Minutes of the last meeting were reviewed by Jenny Lang. Reviewed proposed dates. Dinner
will be 11/14 so not interfere with the Equine Affaire.

Treasurer’s Report: The treasurer’s report was reviewed verbally by Jane and available upon request. Accepted by Marie and seconded by Brenda.

Old Business:
1. Our show dates conflict with SDHA if they stay the same weekend as last year. Ralph
will contact them to see if we can work something out. Jenny will reach out to Veronica
2. Margot is working on solutions to become tax exempt.
3. Margot also has some ideas on how to have recourse with the neighbors regarding the
trees. This will be discussed in January.
4. Horse show number of exhibitors were way down this year. We cleared the cost of the
5. Raffle made $914.00.
6. Venmo account will be considered for payment.

New Business:
1. Marie is making a quilt for the 2020 raffle.
2. Organizations like he boy scouts can rent the grounds if they have their own insurance.
Annie would like to see more fun events happen on the grounds. She will spearhead a
committee to see what kind of interest there is in usage of the grounds. If the program is
members only, we need to notify the insurance company. If non-members are included
in the event, we would $150.00 for the event insurance.
3. Other suggestions to increase activity and attendance to the shows are;
a. Ads in the Woodstock Times
b. Flyers to Air BNB owners
c. Suggest working with SDHA to do a joint award to entice participants to show in both
4. Brenda did a ribbon count, we will need first through third, and champion and reserve
champion ribbons.
5. There was a suggestion for the program that the trail classes will be judged throughout
the show instead of separate times for English and Western. This will be brought to the
Board meeting on January 7th.
6. The new officers – Ralph VanKleeck, president and Roxanne Churchill, treasurer will be
put on the bank account to sign checks. Roberta Jackson and Jenny Lang will be
removed from the account. Jane Booth will continue to handle the insurance. Brenda
made a motion for the above to be instated, seconded by Nancy and so carried.
7. Brenda will do the year end points. Jenny and Roxanne will take on the year end
awards. There is a $30-$40 cost per award. Custom Leather Creations can do leather
portfolio covers but they need 3 month notice.
8. Jane agreed to get the judges for this year.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:06pm

Respectfully submitted,
Jenny Lang


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