Day End and Year End Divisions

Walk Trot
Model English
Walk Trot Fitting and Showmanship
Walk Trot Equitation
Walk Trot Pleasure
Walk Trot Crossrails
Walk Trot Trail

Walk Jog
Model Western
Walk Jog Fitting and Showmanship
Walk Jog Horsemanship
Walk Jog Pleasure
Walk Jog Road Hack
Walk Jog Trail

Adult Walk/Trot/Jog
Model Western
Adult W/T/J Fitting & Showmanship
Adult W/T/J Horsemanship
Adult W/T/J Pleasure
Adult W/T/J Road Hack
Adult W/T/J Trail

YOUTH Hunter 18”
Model English
Youth Fit and show
Youth Hunter Hack
Youth Equitation over fences
Youth Equitation
Youth Pleasure

SCHOOLING Hunter 18”
Model English
Schooling Hunter Crossrails
Schooling Hunter Hack
Schooling Hunter Equitation over Fences
Schooling Hunter Over Fences
Schooling Hunter Under Saddle

LOW Hunter 2’
Model English
Low Hunter Hack
Low Hunter Equitation over Fences
Low Hunter Over Fences
Low Hunter Under Saddle

Novice English
Model English
Novice English Fitting and Showmanship
Novice English Equitation
Novice English Pleasure
Novice English Road Hack
Novice English Trail

Green (Open to all seats)
Model Western
Green Pleasure
Green Road Hack
Green Trail

Open English
Model English
Open English Fitting and Showmanship
Open English Equitation
Open English Pleasure
Open English Road Hack
Open English Trail

Novice Western
Model Western
Novice Western Fitting and Showmanship
Novice Western Horsemanship
Novice Western Pleasure
Novice Western Road Hack
Novice Western Trail

Open Western
Model Western
Open Western Fitting and Showmanship
Open Western Horsemanship
Open Western Pleasure
Open Western Road Hack
Open Western Trail

Driving Turnout
Open Pleasure Driving
Ground Driving Obstacles