Class Awards Eligibility

Walk / Trot / Jog Divisions – Are for riders 13 years and under as of 1/1/22
Riders CANNOT have shown at the canter or lope prior to this day

Adult Walk / Trot / Jog Division – Is for riders 14 and over as of 1/1/22 who are not able to canter/lope.

Youth Hunter – Open to all riders 18 & under as of 1/1/22. This is a walk/trot/canter division. Fences will not exceed 18 inches.

Schooling Hunter – Fences not to exceed 18 inches.

Low Hunter – Fences not to exceed 2 feet.

Green – Open to horses in their 1st or 2nd year of showing.

Novice – Is based on riders eligibility – rider has not won 3 blue ribbons
in each class.

Open – Is open to all riders.

Driving – Is open to all.

    *** Stallions may be entered in Green or Open, including Schooling, Low Hunter Divisions and must be shown by an exhibitor 18 years or older. Stallions are not permitted in any Walk/Trot/Jog or Novice classes.


• Must enter a minimum of 3 classes in a division to be eligible for day end award

• Entries are kept on a one horse, one rider/handler combination. Ties for the day or year end awards will be determined by placing received in Equitation class(es).

• Day end points are kept on a 6/5/4/3/2/1 basis.


• Must be a Woodstock Riding Club member

• All members must sign up for membership and year end awards prior to their first class for points to count toward year end awards.

• Must show in at least 2 of the 3 pointed shows: June 5, July 10, Sept. 11.

• Must show in majority of classes in the division (2 of 3 classes, 3 of 4 classes, etc.)

• Year end points are kept on a 6/5/4/3/2/1 basis.