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Get your theme and date booked before it is no longer available! The child will take a spoonful from each bowl and eat them together. Liability to Third Parties - Slumber Tents will not be held responsible for accidental damage caused by your guests during your party. If you’re wanting 5 tents. We can, however, style different themes for the same party. I abandoned the selfish, career- driven woman and became a mother. Vice versa for the tents of 6. Nowadays, getting dinner on the table can seem like a chore, but to my children, it is the best thing ever! A fun, unique and affordable slumber party experience, for girls and boys, that they will never forget! Make sure you are available to answer the phone or pick them up if needed. We are excited to introduce our Bestie Package! This is the perfect birthday party for your son or daughter. Choose from our range of slumber party tent themes and we take care of all mattresses and bedding except pillows. A: Party rental = one location/one date/one tent package. The results are hilarious! If you are wondering if your child is ready for a sleepover, try hosting one at your house first! But short of knowing Jesus and marrying my husband, that pregnancy which birthed my motherhood is the best thing that has happened to me. Choose between lighting between each tent or twinkle lights around the entrance to each tent. Get to know the parents of the child hosting the party by inviting them over for a cup of coffee before the party. Get all your cheap or rarely used makeup out, blindfold one girl and let her apply makeup to another girl. We will be offering Mini and Standard packages like we do with our indoor tents as well as rental for Girls’ Night In, a fancy family dinner or a special birthday occasion. Slumber Buddiezzz creates, beautiful styled, luxury themed sleepover parties in Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire & Leicestershire. I love when moms record their kids walking into the living room for the first time to see their slumber party set up! Organising your Slumber Party Your sleepover is easy to organise with our slumber party tent/sleepover teepee hire and accessories. Connect With Us. Connect With Us. They each invited one friend so we had a total of six tents. 8 A frame tents or teepees $475 or DIY $395 - additional tents/teepees $59 Setup and travel costs $60.00 Please note, the DIY option requires you to pick up and drop back the tents and party items to our storage facility on the North Shore, just off Constellation Drive. But, we are now ready to launch our business! Our events are good for girls, boys, and adults with a recommended age of 5+ to adult. BELL TENTS – The Slumber Boutique Party Hire BELL TENT PARTY THEME Experience a wonderful weekend of glamping! Comment with other great slumber party ideas! Some react with screams and whoops and some react with squeals and some are just plain shocked! Slumber Party Rentals Includes: Combo bounce house, Large snow cone machine. The night went off without a hitch and our son came home the next morning telling us all about his night and promptly fell asleep, exhausted! These slumber party tents are very pretty with soft tones and gorgeous details. Supervising the kids making cookies or homemade pizzas is an easy way to give the kids a wonderful, memorable experience and also fill their tummies! Small machines serve 10 guest and large machines serve 25 guest.. Each sleepover teepee has diamond patterned fabric, a ballerina silhouette cushion and handmade ballet inspired decoration. Book Now. We will be offering Mini and Standard packages like we do with our indoor tents as well as rental for Girls’ Night In, a fancy family dinner or a special birthday occasion. But my ABSOLUTE favorite part of this business is seeing the reactions from the host children. 9. PRICE: 50$ per teepee/tent with accessories, 20$ extra per mattress. Handmade bunting with an acrylic baroque crystals hangs between the tents. Example: Big sister is having a 6 tent Sweet Dreams, while little brother is having a 6 tent Star Wars. Who are the children? DUE TO RISING COVID-19 CASES, UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE, OUR SLUMBER TENT KITS ARE AVAILABLE FOR FREE CONTACTLESS PICK UP FROM OUR WAREHOUSE IN GEORGETOWN,ONTARIO OR PORCH DROP DELIVERY TO YOUR HOME. We have been working hard! I work hard for each of my clients, helping them plan and host their upcoming event free of stress and with confidence. How can your child reach you during the slumber party? Mustard Includes: Small Bounce House, small snow cone machine, and small popcorn machine. Getting a good night sleep is essential to a great girls weekend and these masks are just the thing to help everyone get back in the PARTY mode! Whichever way you use it, its perfect! He dreams of having to test his skills in a real survival situation – stranded on an island or a mountain – but I am content to keep him under the watchful eye of his dad a little longer. 5. Brekken is going to be a GREAT husband someday! To help you feel more comfortable, ask LOTS of questions. Making a craft is not only a memorable experience– it can be a momento the kids cherish for years. Themed teepee and tent slumber party rentals. Bell tents can either be set up to sleep up to 8 guests, be used as a unique dinner venue or a disco party room! Our latest parties gallery . That would equal a 12 tent party. Simply choose from one of our themes and make your party one to remember! 10. About Us . Make sure to have your camera ready! We offer craft boxes that will include all the supplies you need to decorate a pillow case, make a dream catcher and more. Slumber Party Tents/Teepees. 5 Activities to Create the BEST Slumber Party EVER! At only $60, this affordable option allows your child to have an amazing slumber party with their bestie! He loved playing ball with Dad and riding a bike with Mom. When Brekken was born, I became a different person. Cart 0. Legal support for Creatives, Artists, and Innovators. Let them know that it is ok for them to call you at any time of the night and make sure the parents hosting know this as well. With this package you get two tents complete with mattresses and linens, twinkle lights, decorative bunting or floral strand and a decorative pillow. Includes installation and break down of 1 bell tent with light furnishings: rugs, poufs/pillows, center table, lanterns, door mat, string lights, and camp chairs. Serving Chicago’s Suburbs with AWESOME with sleepover party rentals that bring a unique indoor sleepover for those birthday or family parties. Personalised Party Bags . These are our children and it is important to be vigilant about their safety and comfort. Whimsical Slumber Party Tent, Woodbridge, Virginia. A bohemian atmosphere is created by golden leaves, feathers and flowers, pastel laces, cozy cushions and blankets. All party packages include tents, mattresses, sheets, blankets, decorative pillows, lights, a breakfast tray, lanterns, Personalized sign and additional décor. Last weekend we set up a party for a group of three sisters. it’s the little touches we include that make our Slumber Society parties an extraordinary experience! Guys, we are SO excited about our new Outdoor tent! 27 likes. A minimum rent of 4 teepees/tents is required. Purchase some glow in the dark toys and trinkets or attach glow in the dark stars to little items or candy and hide them all over the house or the backyard. It is HUGE with a 16′ diameter and is tall enough to stand up in and easily move around. Serving San Antonio, La Vernia, Floresville, Boerne, New Braunfels, Seguin, Spring Branch, Leon Valley, and the surrounding communities Wonder Slumbers is a slumber party tent rental company that delivers magical and unforgettable sleepovers for any special occasion. During the hardest parts of this current pregnancy, Brekken could tell I was not feeling well most days and has taken on extra responsibilities to keep our house running smoothly during the daytime while Dad is working. Sugar. This is the perfect option for both girls and boys of all ages. This idea came directly from on of our hostess’ moms. Each child enjoys their own private teepee with all the trimmings with a range of themes designed for gir As a mom of four girls, I love seeing that sisterly love!! Motherhood began for me when I saw the positive pregnancy of Brekken’s test when I just 21 years old and married only a few months. She isn’t quite as independent as our son and tends to like to be close to us at night. Assess your child individually and give them options if you think they may be ready, but aren’t sure. Pickle Juice If you want to create your own craft, Pinterest is a great place for ideas. We are Central Ohio's Premier Teepee and Tent … Covid-19 Level 1 Cleaning All surfaces including our tents, trays, bedding , accessories and pillows are washed and cleaned with Covid-19 approved cleaners, allergy free detergents and disinfectants . Campers BYOB (Bring Their Own Bedding). Tents sleep 6-8 little kiddos or 5-7 big kids. We are Central Ohio’s Premier Sleepover Party Experience! Welcome to Slumber Tents, were your child’s dream can come true. This was such a fun party! About Slumber Buddiezzz . View our packages. 12. Here is a sample list: 2. Services Home eGift Cards Adults How it works Our History Bookings Cart 0. TENTS WILL BE FULLY ASSEMBLED AND MOSTLY DECORATED AND COME WITH OUR EASY PEASY SET-UP GUIDE & PERSONALIZED SLEEP MASKS. He was all “boy” as a toddler. Hosting a sleepover is an occasion that creates wonderful memories to treasure and reminisce upon for years to come. So if the child rolls a 3 the first time and a 10 the second time, they would take a bite of cottage cheese/frosting! I don’t even know how to describe it. This game might appeal to boys a little more than girls because they seem to find the yucky things hilarious! Make sure they know how to reach you if they need to while at their friend’s house. The setup and teardown are done by you and you can drop the items off the next day when you are done! Frosting Put 11 items from the kitchen into individual numbered bowls. We specialize in slumber party tent/teepee rentals We specialize in slumber party tent/teepee rentals We specialize in slumber party tent/teepee rentals. Have the child roll two dice two times. Brekken has embraced his position as the oldest child and is always helping me wrangle the younger ones, or diffuse little tiffs the girls get themselves into. We can help with that! All of us can remember how much we loved working in the kitchen as a child! Slumber Tents will not be liable for claims for personal injury or death while using our equipment during your rental period. All Deposits for slumber party rentals $100 Pricing- If you are only interested in getting 3 tents. Get in touch to learn more about my services. Turn your … The business was established in 2016 by Sue Copeland who has extensive interest and experience in all things creative. Small machines serve 10 guest and large machines serve 25 guest.. Additional concession refills are available for a fee. Soy Sauce Boho Dreamz Slumber Party! We have five ideas to help your child be the “hostess with the mostest”! Our adult slumber party package offer the perfect experience for that girly get together, bachelorette/ bridal experience or the ultimate date night. You will be charged for 4 tents. Many mornings, he has brought me breakfast in bed or made tea for me. As the original and most unique slumber party and glamping specialist, The Slumber Society turns your next celebration into a stylish, magical, memory making event. Posted on April 4, 2018 April 4, 2018 by Owner. The items are made for children and the Client should supervise carefully. Our son was only six at the time of the sleepover, but we knew he was ready. Get your girls in touch with the glamorous nature with “Boho Slumber tepee party” theme. please call (704-582-2422) Available tents!! 4. Ice cream Salsa Where will the children be sleeping? Yes, parenthood can be terrifying, and stressful at times, but it is also everything to me. He loves to camp, build a fire, and cook over it. I enjoy sewing the tents and the accessories, picking out color schemes and themes and coming up with unique ideas for add on’s. As Brekken began to grow, people just couldn’t believe how easy going he was. Give your slumber party group something to look back and reminisce with, every time they use them as they sleep in peace with their very own sleep eye mask! Check out this video from one of our sleepovers. We spent a lot of time at their home with their family and we trusted them with our children. We come to … Our daughter, on the other hand is nearly 7 and probably not ready to stay overnight at a friend’s house. 6. Their mom was kind enough to take and pass on these beautiful photos from their special night! Slumber Party Base Package $250 . Sometimes (and for me, this is true!) Lots of options to choose from to make your event a memorable one. Hire your child's teepee tents for their dream sleepover slumber party. The chocolate melts come in a variety of colors and are available at WalMart! Rates below are for service in the Tulsa metro area. Camping for Brekken is a complete wilderness experience: no bathrooms, no electricity, no cell service. Regardless, I love to see their faces. Brekken is our firstborn, our responsible one, my saving grace as a mom of five young children. Cottage Cheese In the end, an enjoyable sleepover starts with everyone involved feeling safe and comfortable. You will be charge for 6 tents plus taxes and delivery! Be in touch with us as this tent is already booking up quickly! You asked and we listened!! The Slumber Boutique is based in Burpengary, QLD. Brekken is the wild child who inspired me to explore the option of adding an outdoor campout option to Wild Child Slumber Adventures. It was a friend from church and we knew the parents very well. Coke or another soda Make sure your child is equipped to handle any feelings he or she may encounter. All rentals include the items needed to successfully operate the machine. Not every child is the same and they may be ready for sleepovers at different times. Other things I previously cared so much about didn’t matter anymore. It is me. Pricing for our in-home slumber party tent, teepee and fort rental. He is the reason I still have a tad bit of sanity left when my husband gets home from work each evening. $175. 3. How many children will be at the party? We have tents and teepees to choose from and forts are coming soon. 8. Sweet Dream Sleepovers is a Slumber Party Rental Company. Using the table below, check our available pricing for all configurations of our party packages. Large Party Pack The Ultimate Party Pack Small Party Pack. Any leftover chocolates can be made into Unicorn Candy by swirling the colors together and adding edible glitter. Send the kids out to find them and let them keep what they find! My children have spent the night at their grandparents’ or cousins’ homes several times starting at a fairly young age, but a sleepover at a friend’s house it a totally different situation! Sue is always looking for new materials and decorating ideas to make sure that she can tailor your party with the latest trends for children and youths. 11. Small Party Pack Birthday Party Package Small Party Pack. Be in touch with us as this tent is already booking up quickly! The only thing that mattered to me was nurturing this tiny human being who perfectly embodied the best parts of my husband and me. 1-4 tents contact us for pricing Our basic Party Package includes 5 tents, mattresses, sheets, blankets, decorative pillows, lights, one breakfast tray, lanterns, a sign and additional decor. 5 Activities to Create the BEST Slumber Party EVER! 20 talking about this. Can I just say that it is awesome that these sisters wanted to have a joint slumber party?! Nobody does Themed Teepee and Tent Parties like Slumber Fun Parties! Renting both Outdoor tents and indoor teepees. The Ultimate Party Pack The Ultimate Party Pack The … $275 Each additional Camper is $30 We can make your party complete by providing everything from Birthday Invitations, to party favors and everything in between! He hasn’t changed at all and still loves all things sports and outdoors. Luxe Picnic Hire. 7. Bell Tent Glamping . Slumber Tents has specialized in event planning in the greater Houston area since 2017. "Whimsical Slumber Party Tent” offers you the best celebrations in the comfort of your home! We want to help you create a magical and unforgettable sleepover experience for your next special occasion! Sending pictures of him, crying, to family members was necessary because they just didn’t believe this kid ever cried! $225. The past few months have been filled with trial and error, lots of sewing and lots of styling! Slumber Fun Parties takes the hassle and stress out of planning your child’s celebration. sleepovers can be harder on a parent than a child. Includes: (1) 10X10 tents, Bounce House, (1) 8ft table and 8 chairs. We decorate any room in your home with tents, mattresses, lighting and decor to make it unforgettable. This is a sure way to make your ‘average’ slumber party a memorable one! Sleepy Tents and Teepees will be closed during the period of Feb 14th - May 15th Dismiss, Delivery Fee *within 20 miles of Park Ridge (additional fee may apply past 20 miles), Tax - will be calculated at 9.25% (6.25% IL, 3% Cook County), *Holiday's May include an Upcharge of $75.00 on top of pricing (New Years Eve, July 4th, etc). Mermaid & Minecraft (themed tents… All middle school girls want to host the BEST slumber party EVER– the slumber party that they talk about and remember for years!

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