August 2020 – Meeting Minutes

Woodstock Riding Club
August 18, 2020

Present: Ralph Vankleeck, Annie Vankleeck, Pat Elliott, Brenda Locke, Nancy Locke, Ken Meisler, Marie Webster, Nin Bruderman, Barbra Hirth-Strauss

Meeting was called to order at 7:06 pm by Ralph

A verbal overview of the minutes from the last meeting were discussed. Motion to accept minutes made by Pat, seconded by Nancy, and so carried.

Due to the absence of Treasurer Jane Booth, there was no Treasurer’s Report.

Old Business:
Marie and John Webster very generously loaned the club $1400 to be able to pay taxes on time. Thank you!
Ralph has been in contact with Woodstock Town Clerk. Steps are being taken to make the club a foundation and in turn, become tax exempt.

Fun Day happened – very successful!

Discussion about the trees

Discussion about no boarding horses on property.

New Business:
Fun day was VERY successful! Over $500 profit…no money from the club was put into the fun day. 5 new memberships that day. 100% of the cost was donated; down to the gas for the mowers and pool noodles for the obstacle course.

Thank You to Ralph, Annie, Pat, and Dana Labaar for setting up the whole grounds for the fun day on their own.

Dana Labaar set up kids games, and donated time and supplies to set up, and run games for children. Thank you Dana! You are very much appreciated!

Concerns on phone bill….Around $9.00 a month, do we really need one? Want to keep expenses down. Ralph will look into it.

Possibly co- sponsoring mounted shooting clinic at Catskill Equestrian Center. Details or date not scheduled yet.

Ken Meisler has been in contact with the neighbor who cut down 13 trees on our property. Man verbally agreed to pay for them, Though refusing to sign a contract or give a down payment. Ken will contact a lawyer…starting with a free first visit, to see where to go with this situation.

Sept. 13 show, Jenny possibly not here, Sharon will announce if need be.

Ken Meisler gave a $440 donation. Thank you Ken!

Discussion about spending reports. All at meeting agreed that we need to have a monthly report handed out from the treasurer on what bills were paid that month and what our checking account balance is at that time. Want to find out more information about insurance, and rules/ policies. Spending should be on hold and only what is desperately needed should be purchased. We need to get the club back to and okay place financially.

Discussion about the October show being pointed or not, board of directors need to discuss; details coming soon.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:50 pm.

Respectfully submitted, Annie