July 2018 – Meeting Minutes

Woodstock Riding Club
July 16, 2018

Present: Susan Leiching, Jane Booth, Roberta Jackson, Brenda Locke, Anne Marie Taddeo, Marie Webster, Nancy Locke, Cody Bisignano, Tammy Sorbillino, Jamie Wallace, Lori McGowan, Jenny Lange

Guest: Ken Booth, Gail Carpency

Meeting was called to order by the Roberta Jackson at 7:05 pm.


Treasurer’s Report:
The treasurer’s report was reviewed verbally by Jane and available upon request. Motion made to accept the minutes by Brenda Locke and seconded by Marie Webster.

Old Business:
1. The July 4th Parade in Saugerties was well attended. Thanks to all who participated especially Jenny for the organization and Cody for the horses.
2. Thanks to Marie for doing the points at the last show.

New Business:
1. Squatters have moved into the grounds. Jane and Ken have spent time with the police and with depositions. The individuals have disregarded all sign at the gate. They were to leave the grounds by a certain date set by the police. The police will check and see if they have evacuated the premises.
2. The June and July shows had few exhibitors, the shows have just broke even.
3. There will be no food vendors at the next two shows.
4. There was discussion about the date of the dressage show. We are considering having the show on the Saturday before the September show which is September 15th. More information to follow.
5. Cody’s Weekend which is 8/25-8/26 – Full Moon Campout. This is open to all kids. The weekend will include riding, games, making hobby horses, hobby horse show on Sunday with Jenny Lange as judge. Contact Cody at fernrockfarm@gmail.com for information.
6. Year-end awards will be low at this time. Four divisions will have no year-end. Four divisions are in question. At this time there are five divisions with champions and reserve champions.
7. Marie Webster has donated a “Saugerties” horse to the club to go for raffle. Posters will be made up and information is on facebook.
8. Ulster County Fair is coming up. Help is always welcomed at the shows. The pony/driving/western show is on Thursday, Gymkhana – Saturday at noon and the English show is Sunday. Let Jenny know if you can help.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:05 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Susan Leiching

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The next meeting is at the Olympic Diner, Washington Ave, Kingston on August 20th at 7:00 pm.