March 2018 – Meeting Minutes

Woodstock Riding Club
March 19, 2018

Present: Susan Leiching, Jane Booth, Jenny Lang, Roberta Jackson, Susan Garrison, Marie Webster, Nancy Locke

New Members: Tiffany Ramsayer, John Cederquist

Meeting was called to order by the Roberta Jackson at 7:05 pm.

Minutes of the last meeting were reviewed by Susan Leiching. Motion to accept made by Jenny Lang and seconded by Marie Davis with the following correction. There is no August show but it is in October.

Treasurer’s Report:
The treasurer’s report was reviewed verbally by Jane and available upon request. Motion made to accept the minutes by Nancy Locke and seconded by Susan Leiching

Old Business:
1. Jane will clarify ad from the Ulster Savings Bank. More ads have been collected and it planned that the program will go to print approximately April 1st.
2. We are happy to announce the Food Vendor the July, Sept and October Shows will be the Barbeque Divas. Thank you to Jimmy Smith and the Wilburs.
3. Items are arriving for the yard sale – again contact Roberta Jackson or Brenda Locke if you have things to bring up.
4. Several food vendors are being contacted for the 2018 season.
5. Cody’s Full Moon Camp and Hobby Horse Show is scheduled for August 25th and 26th. More information will follow.

New Business:
1. Trail judges have been contacted for the June show – Chelsea Noe and Helena Duda for the July show. Nancy will be contacting another for the Sept and Oct show.
2. Joe Hafele is going to be the September judge.
3. We are planning a “Meet the Vet” program with Pine Bush Veterinarian Services. The proposed date is the June Show.
4. We welcome our newest members – Tiffany and John. Tiffany has ideas for a Mini-Prix venue possibly for August. She is spearheading the ideas for prize monies and support from local tack shops and equestrians. More information will follow.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:58 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Susan Leiching

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The next meeting is at the Olymic Diner, Washington Ave, Kingston on April 16th at 7:00 pm